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4 Puppies Rescued by Surf House Guests!

So some heartless assholes left THREE newborn PUPPIES under the El Morro Bridge a couple weeks ago. A few friends and I were heading up to the shop and saw the little perritos miserably hungry and brought them some food and water.
A few days had gone by and they were still hanging out in the hood. Friends from all over started to arrive for the birthday weekend and everyone developed a soft spot for these little ones. As we helped turn their bellies from rib-poking skinny to plump, we knew these guys needed to find a good home ASAP. We as a group stuffed 10 people in the van with the 3 puppies and went to a local vet.
After some serious cleaning, blood tests, and TLC they came out looking like newly born happy pups! Emma from Las Chicaz took the liberty of transporting these perritos back into the United States and caring for them until an appropriate shelter was found. I just received report that they are doing absolutely great and are now in the care of a shelter already working on finding them homes!

All the while of abandoned puppy excitement, my neighbor Isa “Chama” had been taking care of a pup for a mere week looking for a proper home for the sweet boy. My good friend Eliot was staying with me for a week during this time and they developed quite a little love for each other. After speaking with Isa, he was granted permission to adopt little Guillermo and take him back to Lake Tahoe, CA. Eliot cancelled his flight home and rented a car just to bring lil G back to mountainous paradise and a loving dog friendly home.

I am absolutely BLOWN away at the compassion and action shown from my friends. Everyone had a part in doing such a big thing for these pour doggy souls and it was a blessing and a pleasure to be involved and host these opportunities. FOUR puppies were rescued in just a few days from K38 Surf House guests!! You guys are seriously rockstars!! Thank you for being so selfless and allowing the positive synergy of the Surf House SHINE!!! I hope this story spreads locally and beyond to inspire people to help and take action with some of the unfortunate socio-environmental issues we deal with here in Baja. Good luck with your new family member Eliot and much respect to Emma, the Las Chicaz, and everyone who helped make this happen! One Love


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