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Where are your houses located?

The K38 neighborhood is a short 30-­ 40 minute drive from the San Diego border, just 10-12 minutes south of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. You can input these coordinates into google maps: 32.261009, -116.989265. These coordinates show the most precise location of the house. The K38 neighborhood is located between Las Rocas Resort and Spa and Club Marena Condominiums in Rosarito Mexico. The address is:

KM 38.5 Carretera Libre

Rosartio, Baja California Norte, 22710

Can I drive to your house?

Yes! Getting to the K38 neighborhood is a short 30-­ 40 minute drive from the San Diego border and is probably the easiest and most convenient way to get here.  See here for exact directions, images, and a video of how to get to the houses.

If driving, please purchase Mexican auto insurance. You can purchase online here or purchase atthe border: http://www.bajabound.com/

You can read more about driving across the border into Mexico:


Can I take a taxi?

Yes! If you are taking a taxi, tell the the taxi driver to take you to Campo Rodriguez at K38 between Las Rocas spa and resort and Club Marena. All taxi drivers should know Las Rocas and Club Marena. Here are some phone numbers for taxi companies:

Taxis Primo Tapia: 661-107-7687

Eco Taxis: 661-850-4983

Uber also works in Tijuana at the border and in Rosarito and they can take you straight to the house- non surge pricing fares average from $16-20, which is much cheaper than taking a cab. However, it can be difficult to find an Uber available at the house itself, so you may need to call a cab once you’re at the house to get back to the border.

Can you recommend restaurants/night life/things to do?

Please see the following guides for local restaurants, night life, and activities in the area




Almost a million lobsters are served in the Rosarito coastal area each year. “Puerto Nuevo-style” is now a world-famous synonym for the exquisite lobster offered in the local restaurants. Seafood is prepared, not only by the expert chefs of Rosarito, but also by local family-run businesses that create a perfect balance of flavors and aromas. Rosarito is justly famous as a gourmet’s paradise since it offers more than 85 quality restaurants that can satisfy just about any taste or craving. Experienced chefs laureate with countless first prize international trophies can prepare a meal that you will remember for years to come.

But Rosarito is more than just another pretty lobster plate; more than just an endless variety of freshly caught, perfectly prepared seafood choices. From traditional Mexican cuisine that dates back to pre-Colombian cultures to the best Tacos you’ll ever eat, Rosarito means great food everywhere you turn. Chinese, French, Continental, Cajun, it’s all here. From sausage to sushi with a Mexican flair, you simply can’t eat your way through Rosarito’s affordable and exotic pleasures in a single trip. That’s one of the reasons people return again and again.

Restaurant Recommendations: Here are my personal favorites:

Link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/4651900/guidebook

Surf Taco and K38 Fish and Shrimp Taco stand: Probably the best fish taco place in Rosarito, within walking distance of the house! Just walk up to the K38 surf shops next to Robert’s K38 motel and you’ll see it right there. It’s a family run place, the cook is named Roberto, great guy!

Las Rocas Resort and Spa: Great nightlife! You can use their pool and jacuzzi for free as long as you buy a drink at the bar! This place can get quite crowded on a summer weekend night and you will find excellent music, good drinks, and dancing. This is a beautiful resort which hosts a lot of weddings!

Charly’s Place:  Great food with even better prices, just a few miles north of the house! This is a local favorite with lots of ex-pats.

Ollie’s Brick Oven Pizza: Many people say this is the best pizza in Rosarito, and a lot of people come down just for the pizza!

Baja Calypso: Great food with a gorgeous view, within walking distance of the house. Just walk up to the K38 surf shops next to Robert’s K38 motel and you’ll see it right there.

Tapanco Steak House: Great steak house about 2-3 miles north of the house at reasonable prices.

The Baja Pig: This is located within walking distance at K38, right next to the surf shop! You can find delicious burgers, quesadillas, and more!

Birrieria El Cunado: This is my favorite place to eat in Mexico. Birria is a type of beef stew that is traditionally served during weddings, festivals, etc. This is the type of food that you won’t find in the US!

Are the houses really right on the beach?

Yes, you are right on the beach with beach access right outside your front door. In fact, during very high tides, the water will reach the walls of the house- you can’t get much closer than that! The beach is a rocky beach that periodically gets sand, so certain times of the year there is a nice sandy beach as well. This is heavily dependent on tides and time of the year- usually in the summer (but not always).

Where can I get a nice relaxing massage?

We can help arrange amazing massages at the house through our partner site BeyondBaja.com!

What’s the surf like?

Please read this website and the following videos for an excellent description of the surf and waves at K38.




Are pets allowed?

Yes, we allow pets at all our houses with no additional fee. Please read this regarding bringing your pets into Mexico:


Where can I get an amazing cup of coffee?

My neighbor in House #4, Scott Belder, is a coffee connoisseur and runs a small coffee business called “Java Monk…The Enlightened Beans.” He sells amazing coffee beans from Burundi, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Papau New Guinea, and Ethiopia and makes a special house blend called the “The Buddha’s Beans.” In addition to selling coffee, he is also an amazing photographer and all around great guy. If you are interested in buying beans, you can knock on his door (House #4) or contact him before hand on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scott.belding.1

Are the outdoor soaking tubs private or public?

All of our houses are equipped with your very own private outdoor soaking tub with both hot and cold water. These soaking tubs are for the exclusive use of the party that books the house- no one else other than your private party can access them.

Is there internet and TV?

There is fast and reliable WIFI at approximately 3 MB/sec. All houses are set up with a computer  or Apple TV and/or Roku/chromecast so you can enjoy Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and more!

Is there parking?

There is private parking in each of the houses for two cars per house.. There is additional parking spots in the community for guests.

Is it safe?

Personally, I’ve been driving down from Orange County to Rosarito on an almost  weekly basis for the past few year and have had no issues with safety so far. As a home owner, I’ve done a lot of extensive research on safety in rosarito- I certainly did not want to but a house in an area prone to violence! From my research, there was a history of drug cartel violence from 2008-2011 that was blown up by the US news media that scared off a lot of people, but since 2011 things have gone pretty much back to normal. Even during that time period, tourists were never targeted at any point- it was mostly cartel infighting that spilled onto the streets which occurred mostly in Tijuana. It scared a lot of people but really didn’t affect tourists. Since 2011, violence has subsided to pre-2008 levels. In addition, police corruption has significantly decreased ever since the government started cracking down on corrupt cups in a few years ago- I’ve never been pulled  over once since I’ve been driving down.

The neighborhood itself is a gated community and is very safe. I’ve been coming down the past few years and we never feel unsafe!

Read the following link for other people’s opinion regarding safety: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g150774-i256-k5921346-How_Safe_is_Rosarito_these_days-Rosarito_Baja_California.html

How can I arrange a wine tasting tour?

Guadalupe Valley is Baja´s answer to Napa Valley. Located just 37 miles  south from the hotel, the Baja California Wine Country is blessed with some of the most ideal Mediterranean climate for grape growing. There are very few microclimates in Mexico that combine the very unique characteristics of elevation, soil, season, and temperature. The Valley is home to about 22 wineries that range from a small organic winery, La Casa de Dona Lupe, to L.A. Cetto, one of the most renowned and oldest wineries in Mexico. L.A.Cetto is one of the most important wineries in the Mexican industry; having achieved a total of 132 international awards in excellence from countries such as France, Italy, Spain, England, Canada and the United States. La rute also has the following wineries: Baron Balche, Las Bodegas de Santo Tomas, Las Cavas Valmar,  La Vitivinícola Tres Valles, Bibayoff, Vinos Tanama and others.

Here you will find from small family country restaurants to fine dining, craft centers, museums, ranches, wine boutiques, art galleries, cultural and natural sites.

Through our partner site BeyondBaja.com, we can help arrange discounted wine tasting tours of the Guadalupe Valle!

I love to golf! What’s the golfing like down there?

Casa 10 is equiped with a private indoor golf simulator! Rolling Greens, Spectacular Fairways, and the Blue Pacific! Golf is a main attraction in Baja with two championship clubs located on Baja´s Gold Coast. Bajamar, located just north of Ensenada boasts of 27 holes of Scottish-style links that play around and over the beautiful Pacific. The crashing waves and volcanic rock will demand the utmost in concentration from even the best golfer.

In Real Del Mar, located on the northern part of the Gold Coast, you can play canyon-style golf throughout rolling hills all the while enjoying the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean and Coronado Islands. The par 72 championship course boasts 6,400 yards of pristine course with six lakes and is a challenge for players of all levels.

Can I see whales migrating from the house?

Yes! The great annual grey whale migration is one of the most extraordinary migrations on the planet- you can see whales migrating from each of our houses! Their journey begins in the Arctic, and they travel a distance of over 6,200 miles to reach the southern Baja California lagoons to perform their reproduction cycle and nurse their calves. They bear their calves every other year, alternating each year between mating and birthing.

An adult whale measures between 46 and 55 feet and weighs up to 88 tons. A baby whale size at birth is between 13 and 17 feet long and weighs from 1.6 to 2.2 tons. At the end of lactation (around 6-9 months) they weigh around 17.5 tons. It is said that the whales possess a strong maternal instinct and that the relation with their offspring is close and sensitive.

What’s the art and culture scene like?

Baja´s Gold Coast is becoming a mecca for artists and art lovers. In the last few years there has been a virtual explosion of galleries offering “serious art” in northern Baja. Many artists have galleries in town or in their homes. Many others also work behind fruit stands, have day jobs as cooks, own bed and breakfast inns, sell real estate, or operate the town’s classiest accommodations. Great art is everywhere and going gallery hopping is becoming one the most popular things for people to do in Rosarito.

Tell me more about fishing!

Please see here regarding fishing:


Where can I get health insurance?

See here regarding health insurance in Mexico:


Where can I go for more information?

Additional questions and resources:


What’s the refund policy?

There is a strict no refund policy for all rentals. We will consider extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis.